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Our Commitments

A successful project respects the community’s needs. We recognize this is not possible without the input and insight of residents and stakeholders. As we develop the terminal layout, we will continue working with Violet residents and the St. Bernard Parish community to design a project that aims to protects local quality of life.

Elementary School

W. Smith Elementary School

The W. Smith Elementary School is currently located inside the proposed footprint of the future terminal. Port NOLA plans to: 

  • Relocate the school within Violet
  • Build a brand-new school with facilities equal to or better than the existing facilities

The Port of New Orleans has not purchased the school or the school property to date. We’ve met with the school board to discuss possible locations, but no final decisions have been made. We are working with the school board to find the best path forward for W. Smith Elementary. 

This is Violet’s school. The relocation needs the community’s input to best serve its children. We support a public process involving the school board, teachers, parents, and neighbors.


Violet Park

  • Relocate within Violet
  • Build a brand-new ballpark with facilities equal to or better than the existing facilities
  • Working with the Parish and the Violet community to find the best path forward
Grave Stone

Merrick Cemetery

  • Keep cemetery in its current location with land for future expansion
  • Maintain easy and safe public access to the cemetery

Terminal Neighbors

Add features such as trees, landscaping, sound walls, and other options within the community to:

  • Minimize sound and visual disruptions to the community
  • Create separation between the terminal and nearby neighborhoods

Planning for Wetlands

The federal permitting process requires drainage and wetland planning


Leaf with circulating arrows


Environmental sustainability is a priority for the Port of New Orleans and the Louisiana International Terminal project. The Port participates in various environmental protection programs beyond what is required by state or federal laws, including: 

  • Maintaining Green Marine certification, which focuses on continuous sustainability improvements
  • Helping local truck drivers and small fleets replace their trucks to lower emissions through the Clean Truck Replacement Initiative Program (TRIP)
  • Exploring innovative technologies to reduce the Louisiana International Terminal's environmental impacts and building for the future